Shanus boutique offers multiple payment options to Customers on the Website:

  1. Online Payment: Customers can make online payments using his/her/ credit/debit
    card; and we as a merchant shall be under no liability whatsoever in respect of any loss
    or damage arising directly or indirectly out of the decline of authorization for any
    Transaction, on Account of the Cardholder having exceeded the pre-set limit mutually
    agreed by us with our acquiring bank from time to time,
    In case the option of payment selected at the time of making/ opting to pay is by
    electronic means be it Debit/ Credit/ Net- Banking, “In case the option of payment
    selected at the time of making/ opting to pay is by electronic means be it Debit Card /
    Credit Card / Net- Banking” all the orders are considered complete only after the
    payment has been received by Shanus boutique and receipt of payment has been
    confirmed by our Accounts Division.
  2. In the event the bank rejects to honour any payment transaction made by a Customer
    towards an order, Shanus boutique shall have the right to refuse to ship the order to the
    Customer without any liability whatsoever.
  3. Cash on delivery: Our courier partner supports cash on delivery as a payment option
    at no additional charges. Customers can opt for this payment mode by selecting the
    ‘Cash on delivery’ option in the checkout page.

In case, you opt to make the payment on Cash- on- delivery basis, the orders shall
stand completed once the cash payment has been received by the delivery person and
the product/ article ordered is handed over to you and a receiving has been signed by
the you or anybody on his/ her behalf.

Product Availability
Due to slow connectivity of Internet, failure in processing of the order due to any
technical default, etc. there may be possibilities that the item selected and put in the cart
is not available anymore as the same might have been sold to other customer. Such
situation occurs in cases of shortage of products/ articles of a particular range/ quality/
price discount offered/ or high demand at that point of time.
In such an event, SHANUS will call the Customer (provided he is a registered user on
the Website) and suggest an alternate product. In case the Customer chooses a
different product, SHANUS shall confirm the new order. If the cost of the new selection
is more expensive than the previous one, the Customer shall have to pay the differential
amount. If the cost of the new selection is less expensive than the previous one,
Shanus boutique shall refund the excess amount to the Customer in the manner
specified below in this Terms of Use. “Instead of making a replacement in such a way,
we can request the customer to return the product and place a fresh order.”


Any refunds due by SHANUS to the Customer shall be made in the following manners:

  1. Credit card: The credit card account of the Customer will be re-credited with the
    refund amount by the Shanus boutique without any charge on the Credit Card. The
    refund amount will be credited to the Customer’s account within the time span stipulated
    by the bank which has issued the credit card; or
    2.Cheque or wire transfer: The refund amount shall be deposited into the bank account
    of the Customer by Shanus boutique within ten (10) business days after the receipt of
    request for refund by the Customer has been approved.
    * Note: If you do not receive a credit within this time, please check with your bank and
    let us know if you face any issues with the same.
  • Note: We shall refund the amounts only after we receive the products back and the
    quality check has been done for the same.
  • Note: Shipping charges shall not be refunded if the order is shipped to customers